Exalted Ruler

ER Letter for January 2010

December was a busy month at the Lodge. Your Lodge Officers performed their annual Memorial Service for our departed members, the Ladies Auxiliary had planned a excellent Breakfast with Santa (but it was cancelled due to the weather) and we visited the VA Hospital to distribute presents to the veterans. I want to thank all who donated gifts for our veterans. The veterans were certainly happy to see us. We also had the ER Christmas party, Thursday Burger Nights, and Monday Night Game Nights.

Plus, we held a special Initiation for our Centennial Class. Our Centennial Class is the largest group we have initiated that I can remember outside of pool season. I look forward to our new class becoming active in the Lodge.

It is never too early to think about the upcoming pool season. If you have any neighbors or friends that are thinking of joining the Elks before the pool opens in May, remember the process takes several months. In order to be ready for the pool, I recommend that any new prospects get their applications in as soon as possible. Applications are available in the Lounge and in the office.

On January 17th, the High Point Elks Lodge will be hosting the January District Deputy Clinic. DD Clinics are held three times per year and give Lodges in our District the opportunity to get together to meet Elks from other Lodges and to learn more about the programs the Elks have to offer. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Our Ladies Auxiliary will be providing entertainment for non-members who attend.

The annual Hoop Shoot contest will be held on January 16 at High Point Central High School. The Elks Hoop Shoot Free Throw Program is open to all boys and girls ages 8 through 13. The contest starts at the Lodge level and advances through district, state and regional contests before the national finals that are held in the spring. National winners have their names added to a plaque in the NBA Hall of Fame. Winners win prizes, savings bonds and scholarships. Look for the entry form in this bulletin.

Each year, our 5th thru 8th grade students are invited to participate in the Americanism Essay contest. Each essay is to be no longer than 250 words and this year’s topic is, “The American Dream: What Is It?” These essays are due to the Lodge no later than January 27th for judging. There will be three winners in each category that will be forwarded to the state competition. Savings bonds and gift certificates will be awarded to the winners during the various stages.

During the month of January there is a full slate of activities in the Lounge. All the NFL Playoff games can be seen while enjoying bar and grill specials. We are continuing our family burger nights on Thursday nights and we end the month with our annual Club 19 party.

Be on the look out for our Past Exalted Rulers Association flat screen give away raffle tickets. The drawing will take place at the Super Bowl party on February 7th. Buying tickets is an easy way to help our PER’s fund large projects in our Lodge and activities that further Elkdom.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Lodge.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Scott Webster, Exalted Ruler
High Point Elks Lodge #1155