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Swim Team Committee Meeting – 02/28

On Sunday, February 28th @ noon at the Elks the Elks Swim Team Committee meeting will begin to organize the upcoming season.  It takes many dedicated people to organize and run this fantastic team and we have several spots where we can use some help!  Please keep in mind, working on the committee goes above and beyond the volunteer positions we ask for as a parent of a child swimming on the team. It also goes beyond sitting in on the committee meetings only.  If you are on the Committee, we will ask that you be ready to roll up your sleeves take a position to help lead the team is this area.  Some of our open positions include a Volunteer Organizer, Swim for Cancer Organizer, Fun Bunch Organizer, and Fundraising organizer, City Meet Parade Coordinator, City Meet Organizer.  Juddaca Heater, Junior Elks Coordinator could also use some assistance with this age group.  None of these positions should be run by one person, so we welcome people who would like to come on and work on these things together.  We will give you an idea what each of these positions would entail. If many of us work together, none of the jobs become all to great!  We know summer is short and thankfully we have a short season and this is not a commitment to take up your entire summer.

In 2010, we are looking forward to working with an excellent committee and as always a fabulous coaching staff, parents and swimmers.   Please consider helping the most fun summer swim team in the area. Our kids will never forget a fun summer at the Elks!!  Please call with any question 259-7882

Thank you very much!

Warm Regards.

Bob Jones
Elks Swim Team Chairman