Exalted Ruler

ER Letter for July 2010

The Month of June is now behind us, and our pool opening was a huge success, I would like to thank Tom Day, Rusty Evans and the rest of the pool committee for a job well done. It is no easy task to prepare our pool and volleyball court for opening day, It was nice to see so many volunteers out there working to get the job done.

I have heard numerous compliments on our new Grille menu, the change seems to be a big hit this summer, so if you haven’t ordered anything yet, I suggest you give it a try.  Our “Grill Staff” has really stepped up their game.

The Camp Carefree fundraiser held in our lounge on May 22nd was well attended, Special thanks goes out to Beth Hawks and Deanna Blankenship for coordinating this event and raising over $1000.00 for Camp Carefree.

I would like to send a message out to all members, If you know anyone on our lapsation list of members (posted in the Lounge) please feel free to give them a call, to ask if they have forgotten about their 2010-2011 membership dues.  We are anxious to get them back into our Lodge, and they can contact me or the Lodge office with any questions or concerns.

Through the winter months and with normal traffic in our Lounge, the carpeting was in dire need of professional type cleaning, One of our members Eddie Whitman, stepped up and brought in a heavy duty industrial carpet cleaner and did a fantastic job cleaning the carpeting. Thank you very much Eddie.  Please don’t forget to thank Eddie when you see him.

As we head into the Fourth of July and the rest of the summer, I ask everyone to enjoy our great facility, be safe, and stay positive.

Thank you,

Russ Pallaci
Exalted Ruler
High Point Elks Lodge #1155