Internet Access

We now have wireless Internet access in the upstairs and downstairs areas, plus most of the pool area.  These wireless access points are also now secure access points.  Check at the downstairs Lounge to find out the security keys.  You will only have to setup your laptop once for each access point.  If you have any questions, ask Stewart McGlaughlin, Tom Day, or Mark Anthony.  Bring your laptop during the day or evening and enjoy the cool quiet of the Lodge while you surf or work, grab something from the Grille, something cool from the Lounge, or enjoy the sun at the pool during the summer.

PLUS, thanks to Tom Day and Stewart McGlaughlin, we now have a Lodge laptop that is setup in the Member’s Lounge for members to surf the Internet, check our Elks Webpage for sports schedules and Elk information, or search for any other necessary information, like weather, stocks, email, etc.  There are instructions with the laptop for use.