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2008-2009 Americanism Contest Winners

This year’s topic for the Americanism Essay was “What Freedom Means to me“.  We had 89 entries this year.  We even had a non-citizen submit an essay!  I think that’s a first. I want to thank everyone who helped me this year.   The winners in our Lodge are:

Division I, Fifth and Sixth grade
First place goes to Riley Heiges,
Second place goes to James Rush.

Division II, Seventh and Eighth grade
First place goes to Erica Perine,
Second place goes to Erin Wagoner,
Third place goes to Keaton Brower.

Erica and Keaton went on to win our District and have advanced to the State level.  Prizes have been donated in the amounts of $25, $15, and $10 for each of the divisional winners from our Lodge.  Congratulations to all of our participants and our winners. 

Don Sheffield
Americanism Chair