Book drive to benefit the Philippines

Three daughters of members of our Lodge (Carly Griffin, Laura Galanti, & Rese Chorpening) along with 4 other students from High Point Central, are participating in a mission trip to the Philippines this summer. They are collecting books to take to students in the less developed areas of the Philippines. These students learn and read English, but have little or no books in their libraries.  If you have any books that you would like to donate that would be appropriate for school age children (story books, school books, classic novels, dictionaries, picture books, curriculum, encyclopedias, etc. for pre-school thru 12th grade), there will be a box placed by the Lounge elevator which will be picked up by April 18th.  These books will be used for gifts to these children and will be greatly appreciated.  For more information or to donate a tax deductible monetary contribution, go to or contact one of these students. 
Patti Reece