Exalted Ruler

ER Letter for April 2009

April is the start of a new Elk year and I am looking forward to being the Exalted Ruler of your Lodge. Our Past Exalted Ruler, Doug Orcutt, proved to be an effective leader helping us move forward during the past two challenging years. I would like to build on the momentum he started.

We are currently developing a budget for the new Elk year. This budget will not only include the many activities that take place at our Lodge but also in the community as well. Most of you know about the activities that take place at the Lodge. If not, you should get on our email list to be updated on a weekly basis. Just send your email address to the Lodge and we will add your name. This is a great way to keep in touch with the happenings between newsletters.

If you do not attend our Lodge meetings on a regular basis, you may not know about all of our community activities. Whether it is a cook out at the local school, Drug Awareness, Student of The Month, Americanism Essays, Scholarship Programs, or our monthly visits to the Veteran’s Hospital, all of these programs are run by your Lodge volunteers. All are great programs to get involved with and show your support of the Elks.

Your Lodge website is getting a facelift. With the help of Stewart McGlaughlin and Mark Anthony, we will have a more user friendly and informative website that is expected to go live in early summer. If you want to post anything on our website, send the information to the Lodge office and we will work on getting it posted.

April 4 is a big day at the Lodge. The Ladies Auxiliary and the House Committee will be having functions. The Ladies will be having their annual Spring Fling with rides and games for the kids. There will be a silent auction and vendors for the adults. The House Committee will be looking for all Elk chefs to come and strut their stuff during a tailgate style cook out. Everyone is welcome to cook an entrée of his or her choice. This will be a great time for all to get out and enjoy the day. We will also have swim team sign ups during the day. Later that night will be the start of the Final Four in the Lounge.

We will have Country Music Night on April 18. William Willard will be in our Lounge from 8:00-10:00pm, playing songs from the past, present and a few of his original songs.

Our weekly Family Burger Nights on Thursdays have been a big success. On April 23rd, we will have a 2-person double elimination dart tournament. Only one person per team needs to be an Elk in good standing. Sign up in the Lounge by April 20 to reserve a spot.

April also means that pool season is just around the corner. This is a traditional time for a large group of new members to join the Lodge. As you all can remember, becoming an Elk requires more that just handing in your application. Applications for all individuals applying must be read on the Lodge floor, investigated, published, voted on and then initiated before the person can become a Lodge member. So if you know of anyone looking to become a member of our Lodge before pool season begins, get them an application as soon as possible to avoid delays. Applications are available in the Lounge or in the Lodge office.

I hope you all have a great month and start of the new Elk year. I look forward to seeing you all at the Lodge.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Scott Webster, Exalted Ruler
High Point Elks Lodge #1155