SWHS Senior Cookout – 05/21 – Thanks!

Thanks to the ‘volunteerism’ of some very fine Lodge members, we had another successful cookout at Southwest High School.

Andrew Lyons
Brad Cooke
Britt Moore
Chris Cecilio
David Thompson
Drew Hilliard
John Pascavage
Mike Cockerham
Mike Slack
Paige McGlaughlin
Robbie “Two” Creech
Robin Webster
Russ Pallaci
Stewart McGlaughlin
Tom Adams

All of these folks put forth a lot of time and effort to make it happen. We served over 300 students and more than 20 teachers and staff.

The school (students and teachers) is very appreciative – and as always, it’s a good thing for our Lodge to get involved with community-related events.

Thanks again to everyone … really appreciate it.

Beano (Ben Adams)