Volleyball court maintenance – 05/01

We will have 20 tons of sand delivered to the Lodge on Friday, April 30th.  We need everyone to come out and help move it from the parking lot down to the volleyball court on Saturday, May 1st and Sunday, May 2nd (if necessary).

We plan on having shifts so we can coordinate our efforts:
Saturday @ 9am
Saturday @ 1pm
Sunday @ 2pm

Please bring shovel(s), wheelbarrow(s), buckets, rakes, etc.  We’re also looking into getting some heavy equipment to help out with the move.  We plan on hanging the catch & volleyball nets after the sand is moved and the court is leveled.  Hopefully, we can get in some pickup games before the pool opens on May 28th!

We are also having a League Meeting on Sunday, May 2nd @ 2pm under the pool shelter.  All Elk volleyball players (especially team Captains) are invited to come out and discuss the upcoming season.