Camp Carefree 05/22 – Thank You!

I would like to thank everyone for attending the Benefit for Camp Carefree on May 22 and surprising Mark Vernon for his 50th Birthday Party! Since his birthday was officially the week before, he was totally surprised and turned a little red with embarrassment from all his friends being there for him. Thank you Mark for you and your friends giving the Lodge a helping hand in raising $1063.25 for Camp CareFree.

I would like to extend a special thank you to Vanessa Slack, Beth Hawks, Linda Transou, Sally Ledford, Trish Marsden, Carol Hoover, Linda Camp, Tommy Frazier and friends, the musicians and the bartenders that night in helping me plan the party, invite friends for the event, decorate for the night, selling 50/50’s, greeting guests at the door and holding Mark at bay until it was time for him to walk through the door! The night was a great success and I believe all had fun.

Many Thanks,
Deanna Blankenship