Awesome Job 2010 Swim Team

Our swim team finished an incredible 3rd place at the Community Swimming Association Championships at Lindley Pool(Results below). We brought home a huge trophy which recognized our victory. This accomplishment is quite amazing as this is only our third season in the CSA.  The High Point Elks swam with passion all season and we are widely viewed by the whole league as a team of first class swimmers and parents.  Teams truly speak volumes about how much fun we have at meets, during rain delays, concessions, etc.  We also have a very supportive sister lodge in the Greensboro Elks as they could not have been more excited for us a fellow Elks.  Besting Hamilton Lakes, Lake Jeanette, Green Valley & Sherwood is no easy task, and what a feeling that was.  One of our long time swimmers Caitlin Casazza set the City Meet Record at the 2010 Champs in the Girls 13-14 100 Yard Individual Medley, and broke her 2009 City Meet record in the 50 Breaststroke in 2010. Unbelievable effort!  A big thank you to our wonderful coaches: Laura, Mindy, Brooke, Morgan, Lauren, Aaron & Zach.  We appreciate their hard work, spirit and being great mentors during a very busy eight week period.  In additional, their performances in the H2O were equally impressive.   Not to be forgotten let us give a big standing ovation to our extraordinary group of parents who volunteer countless hours to make this thing tick.  You know who you are!!!!  

Equally important, the HP Elks Swim for Cancer event broke records that our entire membership can be extremely proud of.  This year we really embraced the cause and raised $ 8816. Incredible!!!  In 2010, the CSA raised over $200,000 this year and the CSA has raised over  $ 3 million in history of this event.   All proceeds go directly to the American Cancer Society.  Magnificent job to all!!! 

Next year there is talk about hosting the Greensboro Elks Swim Team in a pre-season trial meet and replace the time trials. Then, after the swim meet,  we’ll have some fun with a Big Splash contest, pie the coaches, and possibly have a cookout/tailgate. This event would raise money for Swim for Cancer while having lots of fun.

   Final Results - Community Swimming Association Championships
    1 Blue Dolphins                      GCC            2341.5
    2 Frogs                              FR             2254 
    3 Hp-Elks                            HPELK          1513.5
    4 HL Hornets                         HL             1410 
    5 LJ-Lightning                       LJ             1319 
    6 Sherwood                           SW             1221 
    7 GV Gators                          GV             1054.5
    8 Elks Gso                           ELKCG          1049.5
    9 RipeTide                           RW              890.5
   10 Bears                              YB              839.5
   11 Cardinals                          CCC             707.5
   12 Grandover                          GSRC            667 
   13 Orcas                              ORCA            655.5
   14 Aqua Dragon                        AFST            653 
   15 Piranhas                           PT              524 
   16 Lizards                            LSC             442 
   17 Marlins                            BUR             414.5
   18 Sedgefield Country Club            SCC             302 
   19 Tigersharks                        SESC            301.5
   20 Sting Rays                         SFCC            267 
   21 Hammerheads                        FOCC            187 
   22 Barracudas                         BF               70  
   23 HF                                 HF               24


Many thanks to the whole membership for your strong support toward our youth. We are passionate about this stuff
Enjoy the remainder of 2010…


The HP Elks Swim Team Committee