Exalted Ruler

ER Letter for October 2010

I have dedicated the month of October as MEMBERSHIP MONTH.  In order for any Elks Lodge to be successful, it’s membership must continue to grow year after year.
We will kick off the month with our annual Open House, this is the perfect opportunity to bring in a guest, show them around our facility, and explain all the great things that the Elks organization does for the community.
Starting October 1st, we will offer $100.00 off any new member application fee.  We are also offering reinstatement to past members for $1.00.  This is the perfect time to sponsor a new member. 
Thursday Family Night is another good time to bring in a prospective new member as we can entertain the whole family at one time.
My goal is 111 new members by 1/1/11,  With our top of the line facility, spectacular swimming pool, well organized Swim team, and ever changing house events, we can meet this goal, with total member participation.
The North Carolina State Elks Association Convention will be held in Concord on Oct. 29 – Oct. 31, I encourage everyone to attend, It’s a great time and you get the chance to meet Elks from the entire State of North Carolina.
Continue to support your Elks Lodge and I hope to see everyone at the Open House.
Fraternally Yours,
Russ Pallaci
Exalted Ruler