Exalted Ruler

Exalted Ruler Letter for February 2013

January was a very good month for the Lodge. We looked over our own fiscal cliff and with the support of our Members, we were able to turn the corner with our finances. Our PER raffle has been the most successful ever. I want to thank all our members who stepped up and sold or bought tickets. I hope to see you all at the Super Bowl party on February 3rd as we give away a 55” flat screen HDTV.

In February we take nominations for officers and trustees. This is a perfect time to get involved in the operation of the Lodge. Nominations are taken during the first Lodge meeting of the month. If you don’t feel that your talents lie in being a Lodge officer, we will also be looking for committee members. House and Pool Committees are great ways to help and get involved.

As we speak of the pool, now is the time to get new members to join. You may recall that it requires some time to get new members indoctrinated and initiated. It may be difficult to think of the pool with snow on the ground, but we are only 16 weeks from pool season!

We have some great activities planned for this month. We have our Super Bowl Party, our very popular Oyster Roast and our final TV drawing during Daytona 500. Any of these activities would be a great time to show prospective members our Lodge and meet our membership.

As a reminder, we are now operating the Lodge as a volunteer Lodge. In our Lounge, we have volunteer bartenders that work for tips only. Check our website for current operating hours. In our office, Shari Driscoll and Beth Hawks are being more than generous with their time to keep the office running. Please be patient when calling the office and leave messages on the voicemail.

Stay active and participate!

Fraternally yours,
Scott Webster
Exalted Ruler