Exalted Ruler

Exalted Ruler Letter for April 2013

It is truly an honor and privilege being elected as Exalted Ruler for the 2013 Elk year! In 2012 we had a very challenging year, but with the hard work of our trustees, officers, and our dedicated and hardworking committees, and most importantly our Members, we were able to pull through this difficult time. I want to thank each and every one of your for your dedication to seeing our Lodge succeed! A special thanks to Scott Webster for his leadership this past Elk year.

I am certain with the team we have assembled that 2013 will prove to be a rewarding year for everyone!

We have great group of Officers this year and they are:
Leading Knight – Steve Martin
Loyal Knight – Gary Hutchins
Lecturing Knight – Steven Hall
Secretary – Shari Driscoll
Treasurer – Terry Herndon
Esquire – Ellen Pickett
Tiler – Ronnie Payne
Inner Guard – John McGaha
Chaplain – Tommy Frazier

The pool opening is just around the corner and you will be receiving pool information soon. We will be having pool and grounds clean up days soon to prepare and need as many of you to volunteer as possible. This is a great time to meet other Members and to help prepare for the pool season.

Although it is true we are in the best financial position that we have been in for several years, we cannot rest on our laurels! We need continued participation from our current Members as this is what propelled us through a difficult 2012. We all must focus on new membership as well because this is what allows our Lodge to survive and thrive.

I will see you soon at our Lodge!

Fraternally yours,
Andy Albertson
Exalted Ruler