Turner Family Love Fund

Dozens of you have reached out to me wanting to help the Turner Family during this very difficult period of their lives. Friends are being called upon to help financially if they are able. With neither David and Tracy able to work their monthly expenses are still being incurred. With a family of 6 this situation is tough one on them.

Please see note from Cheryl Prillaman, close friend of The Turner Family, helping with all communications:

As many of you know, David and Tracy both are self employed. David has been doing contractor work and Tracy is a realtor. David has not been able to work most of the summer due to his health and now Tracy is not able to work very much as she is taking care of David and the kids. Being self employed means no disability or no sick days. Basically when you don’t work you don’t get paid.

David and Tracy are not one to take hand outs and are by nature both givers, not takers. When I approached Tracy with wanting to setup a Love Fund, she sat quietly for a minute and didn’t say anything. Then with tears in her eyes she said I have to accept it for my children.

So after much thought, I have decided the easiest way for people to give would be through Paypal which is a very secure site. If you don’t have a Paypal account you would need to set up one which only takes a few minutes. Then you would click on “transfer money to a friend”. You would enter the email address and the amount you would like to transfer. If you send using your debit or credit card, there is a $0.45 transfer fee. If you transfer from your bank account there is no fee.

If you would like to donate but do not want to setup a Paypal account, you can mail a check made payable to Tracy Turner to Cheryl Prillaman, PO Box 16204, High Point, NC 27261.

Please understand this is NOT a taxable contribution. This is simply a way to help a friend in need. If you have any questions please message me on Facebook.


Again, any tribute donations you make on the Caring Bridge site do NOT go to the Turners. That is to support Caring Bridge.

Best Regards,
Bob Jones