Past Events

Daytona 500 & Crockpot Wars – 02/22

Sunday, February 22nd @ 1pm

The Great American Race from the World Center of Speed.
The Super Bowl of Sprint Cup! Catch it all with your friends on our new 140″ Projection HDTV.

The Ladies Auxiliary will be hosting a “Crockpot War” night on Sunday, February 22nd. Tasting will start at 2pm and you will be the judge. Crockpot tasting is only $5. Everyone is welcome to enter the contest. No entry fee to participate. There is only one rule – food must be in a Crockpot. You will be judged on taste & theme. The winner of each category will win a $25 Lodge gift card. Come watch the Daytona 500, drink your favorite drinks and enjoy some great food with friends.