Exalted Ruler

Exalted Ruler Letter for April 2017

Before we fully embark on an exciting new Elk year, we must highlight the one we just completed. Our deep thanks goes to Steven Hall, our Past Exalted Ruler and all of the Lodge Officers, Committee Chairpersons and countless volunteers for helping our Lodge deliver a very successful year for our Members. In addition to hosting many fun events for our Members and families throughout the entire year, our Lodge was able to meet budget and even achieved a slight profit for the 2016/2017 year! Job well done to all of you!

Moving into 2017/2018 things are continuing to look up for our Lodge as we expect to build on last year’s success. In getting off to the right start, on April 2nd, our Membership Committee hosted a Spring Open House that was a huge success by any measure. In just one day we received 30 new Membership Applications! That’s a record! With this kind of success, we expect to see our Pool Membership grow as well. Special thanks goes to our newly formed Membership Committee who incorporated new and innovative strategies to bring our neighbors into the Lodge that day. Unbelievable job!

We have a dynamic group of Lodge Officers and Committee Chairpersons who have stepped forward to lead this year and I’m excited to work with each of them. Please check our website for all of our names and contact information should you have input about how to make our Lodge better. As always, we encourage ALL of our Members to attend monthly committee meetings and regularly scheduled Lodge meetings. Our Lodge meetings are held upstairs on every second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm (except during June, July & August when we only meet on the fourth Wednesday). The more we hear from you, the better equipped we are to implement those ideas which will make the Lodge better for everyone.

As you can imagine, the Pool Committee is working hard already to make sure that Opening Day is as successful as ever for Memorial Day weekend. Don’t forget to invite your friends to join you for fun at the pool as guests are free all weekend. This is best time to invite someone who may be a good candidate to join our Lodge.

Please check back each month as I will announce the Elk of the Month (beginning in May) and I’ll highlight various events and happenings to keep you in the loop of the most recent news with our Lodge.

Last but not least, you may have noticed our website has recently received an upgrade! The new design is very professional and represents our Lodge well. Special thanks to Stewart McGlaughlin, our Public Relations Chairman who worked very hard to improve our webpage and design.

Fraternally yours,
Bob Gold, Jr.
Exalted Ruler