Exalted Ruler

Exalted Ruler Letter for January 2018

Happy New Year High Point Elks! I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season and you were all able to spend some time relaxing with family and friends. December was our busiest month thus far as we rang in the holidays with fun events almost on a nightly basis! We had record turnouts for some of these including our first ER Steak Night on December 1st, Christmas with Santa on December 2nd, Christmas Karaoke on December 21st and a sold-out New Year’s Eve celebration. Thank you to the countless numbers of volunteers that helped to make sure these events went off without a hitch. The House Committee worked really hard to make sure that we had plenty of fun things for our Members to enjoy. The Ladies Auxiliary made sure our Lounge was beautifully decorated for Christmas. Our Officers worked hard to deliver on the Holiday Open House and the Members Christmas Party. Special thanks to the following folks who worked very hard to help with several December events: Shari Driscoll, Jen Daniels, Gary Feldner, Tom Day, Tom Connolly, Mike Cockerham, Anne Domingue, John Harkey, Scott Webster, Doug Orcutt, Tom Adams, Stewart McGlaughlin, Tom Frazier, Mark Vernon & Russell “Daz” Pallaci. There are many others I’m sure I missed. Thank you ALL for helping us have a very special December!

January should also be a lot of fun as we have the College Football Playoff games on the 1st and the NFL playoffs throughout the month. We have our next ER Steak night on January 5th and hope to have another great turnout for that. Please check your e-blast, social media and the website for all of the details on what the House Committee has planned for you in January!

Finally, I am happy to report that the refinancing of our building has been completed along with the replacement of the two HVAC units on the roof. The transition to our new Bank has been made. We are getting ready to make some much needed repairs to the roof to correct the leaks we’ve been experiencing during heavy rainfall. The Board of Directors is working hard on all of these endeavors and I really appreciate their focus and dedication. This Board has guided us through nine very successful months and we are on pace to make or exceed our annual budget for 2017-2018 Elk year.

I look forward to seeing you all during January!

Finally, congratulations to Whitney Cook for being named our December Elk of the Month.

My very best,
Bob Gold, Jr.
Exalted Ruler