Exalted Ruler

ER Letter for September 2009

September at the Lodge means several things. We are wrapping up another pool season, football season is upon us and our Lodge gets a visit from our District Deputy. The pool season has been great. After a slow start involving some major repairs to the drains, we were able to open on time. With the exception of the storm damage, the pool looked great. I want to thank the Pool Committee co-chairs Tom Day and Doug Orcutt, and all the pool committee members for a job well done. If you see any of the committee members make sure you tell them thanks for all they do.

Football season kicks off at the Lodge on September 10th with the resumption of our family burger nights. Burger nights will be held on Thursdays once the pool closes. This is also the start of the NFL season so come up to the Lodge and root for your favorite team. The Lounge has all of the games on NFL Ticket. The House Committee will be offering specials during the games.

The District Deputy comes to our Lodge on September 9th to perform an audit. The DD is a representative of the Grand Lodge and comes to audit our finances to make sure we are conducting Lodge business per Grand Lodge by-laws. Your Lodge Officers are required to perform the ritual of Initiation for the DD. I invite all of our members to attend our meeting that night and witness the ritual perhaps for the second time since you were initiated.

Your Lodge celebrated its 100th anniversary in July. We have formed a committee to plan a 100th anniversary celebration on October 29th. We expect a visit from the Grand Exalted Ruler, our State Sponsor and his Special Deputy. This is going to be a special event at our Lodge as we kick off the State Convention weekend. We are looking for any pictures or stories you may have about the history of the Lodge. Email them or bring them to the Lodge so we can put together a scrapbook to commemorate the occasion. I invite anyone interested in helping plan this event to attend our committee meetings. Look for updates on our website: www.hpelks.com.

In September we also go back to our regular Lodge Meeting schedule on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. Please plan on attending a meeting to get an update on our Lodge activities and opportunities to volunteer within our Lodge and in our community.

Our House Committee is presenting the Allison King Band on Sunday night, September 6th of Labor Day weekend. Come join us with one of the most established bands in the area for a night of music ranging from Aretha to Zeppelin, Heart to Stevie Wonder, Benatar to Rundgren. This will be a night to surely please your auditory senses! This will be an adult only event with tickets available in the Lounge, $5 in advance and $7 at the door.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Lodge.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Scott Webster, Exalted Ruler
High Point Elks Lodge #1155